Watermelon festival: another way to popularize good agricultural practices

The “Nalsya” Foundation for Development, Environment and Social Action organized the tenth edition of the Watermelon Festival in the municipality of Mnasra in the province of Kenitra, an event aimed at promoting a fruit with proven nutritional qualities. Since its creation, the “Nalsya” Foundation has made awareness-raising and the dissemination of good practices in the agricultural sector its main focus. It recently organized the tenth edition of the Watermelon Festival, under the theme “Enhancing the value of watermelon for agricultural development”, an event with agricultural, cultural, festive and environmental dimensions aimed at promoting, at the local, national and international levels,

Equipment for a festival: what to take, what to leave?

You bought your tickets, are you ready to party? Now discover the perfect equipment for a festival: what to take with you, what to leave at home. Summer is finally here, and it is the time when all the music and festival shows resound in the cities. All over the world, thousands of music festivals bring together travellers, music lovers and all those who enjoy celebrating. But before you pitch your tent too, you need to know what to pack! Here is a special checklist for festival equipment! Whether you’re going to rave to Tomorrowland or pitch your tent in